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July 19, 2006



good project :)
senks :)

Richard Stacy

I am unfortunately rather slow at coming across this post and writing a comment - but fortunately encountered it at the same time as reading the book.

I am inclined to agree with you that the book is a perhaps a little over-inflated - in that the longtail effect is an interesting phenomenon and one that will have greater importance in the world of socialised information - but it does not apply to many products. In some of the "atom" categories that you mention where the longtail does not apply I would like to suggest that we could actually see a reverse lontail effect take place - with much less choice of products, but with these products being better and representing a greater choice of options. After all, in many categories consumers don't want more choice but they do want more / beter options. This will happen as these type of categories become operated under a virtual consumer franchise that will evolve from the transference of power from producers to consumers.

I have set this thought out in greater detail in this article:
as prediction 7 in a series of ten predictions about the imact of social media on the world of marketing and communications.

Would be interested for your thoughts.

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