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November 26, 2007


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Waow enjoyed reading this article. I submitted your rss to my blogreader.

Jeff Paul Internet Business

There are some amateur internet marketers that think about renting domain names for promoting their sites. Well honestly it’s a bad plan but it also can be a good business idea.

Iain Henderson

Funnily enough The Journal of The Institute of Direct Marketing has agreed to publish a longer version of this post in their July edition.

Bart Stevens

I think I found the answer already

Have a look at: http://www.micropersuasion.com/2008/04/study-a-billion.html

It's about a billion USD ... !!!

VRM could "be worth" a lot of money ... :|


Mike Butcher

The Tech is way ahead on these issues and will have destroyed the direct marketing industry and re-made it in its own image before anyone knows what has happened - see http://dataportability.org/

Bart Stevens


Could we make an guesstimate on the money saved/gained by building such a system for marketeers? I mean, they spend money "bombarding us", but if they stop with this, and accept VRM applications, they would increase their revenue by XYZ.

I know it's a long shot. But you know, "money talks". Iain ?



Nic Brisbourne

Great post Iain. You set out the many of the features of a great VRM service. The one additional challenge I would mention is finding a way to build a service that is compelling for the first user on the first day - e.g. the way Flickr was a great way to store photos.

I'm going to blog this myself now.

christine temple-wolfe

Excellent article...i can't tell you how many clients i've tried to persuade to take this approach and they are blind to the value. Given the resources just to get a functioning user management system, they just won't allocate the time or expertise to get this done right. Its unfortunate, but i loved your detail -

Digital Expert

The current mindset of 'if we bombard enough people we will get some results' in marketing is flawed, I agree, but I do think the situation is getting slightly better in terms of more precise targeting. Your recommendations make a lot of sense

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